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Aug 29, 2014

Tigers Rumors: Victor Martinez hopes to play few more years

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The Detroit Tigers are one and a half games out of first place in the American League Central behind the Kansas City Royals. The Tigers are currently tied for the second wild card position with the Seattle Mariners. The Tigers have played well this season a lot in part to the spectacular play of designated hitter, Victor Martinez. Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports reported that Martinez, 35, said he wants to play for a few more years but doesn't think he will be in the league when he is 40.

Martinez is putting up crazy numbers this year is comparison to his last couple of seasons. For instance, in 2012 and 2013 he hit 26 home runs total and in 2014 he has already hit 26 home runs with a little over a month left of the season. 

Martinez has been in the league for 12 years and played for three different teams including the Cleveland Indians, Boston Red Sox and the current, Tigers. Martinez has been a five-time All-Star including the current 2014 season. Martinez has played most of his career as a catcher with a little first base thrown in every once in a while, but here as of lately he is the Tigers designated hitter.

Manager Brad Ausmus, as reported by Morosi, said concerning Martinez," On an at-bat to at-bat basis, not only is he probably the best we've had this year, he's the best I've seen in my career--just on an every day, every pitch, every at-bat basis. That doesn't mean he gets a hit every time...His focus on every single pitch, regardless of the score, regardless of the pitcher--his focus is unparalleled."

In 2014, Martinez is batting .327 with 26 home runs and 85 RBIs. Martinez is a free agent and the end of the season.

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