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Aug 16, 2014

Ravens News: Steve Smith likes Baltimore's "bully ways"

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Over the offseason the Carolina Panthers and all-pro wide receiver, Steve Smith parted ways after general manager Dave Gettleman decided to take the team's receiving core in a different direction. What seemed like a confusing move from the team, considering he still had one more year on his contract left; there was a fiery intangible that Gettleman felt wasn't right for the Carolina Panther's locker room. However, after signing and playing his first preseason game with the Baltimore Ravens, Steve Smith believes it's the type of mentality that you need to "Play like a Raven."

Smith sat down with Brian Mitchell of and spoke on what apparently is the "Baltimore Raven way,"
“When I look in the defensive meeting room and I see ‘Play like a Raven,’ , ‘We build bullies,'” that’s what I’m talking about. . . . We take your lunch box.  We take your sandwich.  We take your juice box.  We take your applesauce.  And we take your spork and we break it.  And we leave you with an empty lunchbox.  That’s the Baltimore Raven way. That’s the bully way.  And that’s football.”
If anyone knows Steve Smith's history in Carolina, it's that he plays with a lot of emotion and heart that fuels an aggression like no other receiver on the field. Smith identifying himself with the Ravens, "bully ways" is surely going to feed that aggression and we're likely going to see a fiery veteran for one of Baltimore's newest receivers.

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