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Aug 15, 2014

Pistons Rumors: Sign-and-trade potential for Greg Monroe

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The NBA free agency frenzy has died down considerably in recent weeks, with news of a few straggler signings here-and-there. However, there are a couple of very solid, very promising young players that have yet to ink a new contract. I'm speaking, of course, of Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe and Detroit Pistons forward Greg Monroe, both of whom are restricted free agents.

While Bledsoe has reportedly sought a max contract that Phoenix is unwilling to offer, Monroe has taken a different course with his own free agency. While Monroe appears set to sign Detroit's qualifying offer of just over $5M for next season, Jeff Zillgitt of USA TODAY reports that a sign-and-trade of Monroe is still a possibility, though unlikely.
Now, don't rule out a sign a trade between now and the start of the season, but that seems unlikely as the Pistons have exhausted trade scenarios. He plans to sign the qualifying offer before the Oct. 1 deadline...It is a rare move for a restricted free agent to forsake financial security and a long-term deal now for the hope of something similar one year later. Signing the qualifying offer to become an unrestricted free agent doesn't happen often, but it does happen and there are risks involved — injury or a down season — that could impact the value of the next contract.
Essentially, Monroe is gambling that he'll be able to make more money as an unrestricted free agent next summer by agreeing to sign the Pistons' one-year offer for the upcoming season. Earlier in the summer, Detroit reportedly had discussions with Portland regarding a potential sign-and-trade involving Monroe, though the talks broke down.

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Monroe is certainly a useful player that has the ability to score and rebound at a solid clip, though he doesn't protect the rim well for a big man and lacks much shooting range beyond the paint. Still, though, if he has another good year, entering free agency as a 25-year-old with upside is likely a gamble that will pay-off in his favor.

By rejecting offers of both $54M and $60M over five years from the Pistons, Monroe has made it clear that he simply doesn't have interest in remaining in Detroit long-term. Rather than signing an offer sheet from another club and risking the chance that Detroit could match, Monroe is taking matters into his own hands.

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