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Jul 12, 2014

Saints Rumors: Archie Manning says team is 'as strong as I've ever seen'

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Archie Manning is a die hard Saints fan. Even through his son's [Peyton Manning] loss to New Orleans in the Super Bowl in 2009, Archie has held true to his team. He quarterbacked them for a decade and has since been loyal. He's seen it all, but he reportedly believes that this year's pre-determined roster is the best he's ever seen.

After catching a break from the annual quarterback camp his family does at Nicholls State University, Archie Manning spoke of his thoughts on the team.

"The Saints are really good. They're really good -- what [coordinator] Rob Ryan did with their defense last year, and they've still got [coach] Sean Payton and [quarterback] Drew [Brees]. 
"I think the Saints' line-up on paper to start the season is maybe as strong as I've ever seen before."

Archie has some stuff right, that's for sure. What Rob Ryan did with the defense last year was great. The defense went from giving up the most yards in NFL history in 2012 to surrendering the fourth-fewest in the league in 2013. How's that for defense!

Then the offense, with Drew Brees, will shine like always. Despite his age, Brees certainly isn't tanking yet. He eclipsed 5,000 yards, yet again, in his 2013 campaign and will likely hit it again this year. If Jimmy Graham can agree to a deal with the team, then they have their best target back. Plus the WR draftee in Brandin Cooks will help keep the offense at a fast-pace.

The Saints have it good. Again, the Graham deal still has to take place, but expect it to happen. Once that's set, the Saints will just be waiting for the season to hit.

Come on September fourth, come on...

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