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Jul 23, 2014

Oilers news: Benoit Pouliot cashed in

By on 11:06 AM

The newest Edmonton Oilers forward Benoit Pouliot explained why he took a 4 year, 20 million dollar contract (5 million per year) with the team.

Dan4th Nicholas-Wikimedia Commons
Pouliot recently said,  "I really enjoyed New York, but when it comes down to free-agency, some teams have money, some don’t.”

Pouliot will be ready to start a new chapter in his career when training camp starts in September. Pouliot said that when the deal was done he heard from New York's general manager, formerly with the Oilers.  “Glen called, left a message and said ‘good luck, you’ll enjoy it. He said it was a good place to be. Coming from Glen, that was big. He’s a great man and treated me very well.”

Pouliot has played for the Wild, Canadiens, Bruins, Lightning and most recently the Rangers. This contract seems a relief as it is longer then a one-year deal.

Last season with the Rangers, Pouliot played 80 games, had 15 goals and 21 assists.

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