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Jul 4, 2014

NFL News: Three players suspended for drug abuse

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Yesterday, football analysts James Walker and Ian Rapoport unleashed what seemed like a flood of tweets about recently suspended players. It seems like every team in the NFL will be playing a few players short this year due to "substance abuse" issues. Some of the most notable players missing include the likes of Jacksonville receiver Justin Blackmon and Cleveland receiver Josh Gordon. Walker and Rapoport have now added three more names to that list.

The first player to be suspended yesterday was Kansas City Chiefs offensive lineman, Rokevious Watkins.
Watkins, who is due to miss his first four games, has started just one game in his career for the Chiefs. After this mess, he will likely be cut from the Chiefs' large roster.

Miami Dolphins defensive end, Dion Jordan, represented the second suspension announced yesterday.
Unlike Watkins, Jordan was slated for a large role with Miami in his second professional season despite his weak rookie year. His team, who traded up to grab him in the 2013 draft, seem excited for his return. Expect him on the field by the end of his suspension.

The last suspension announced came courtesy of Indianapolis Colts receiver, LaVon Brazill.
Brazill is facing his second professional suspension for substance abuse; this means he'll be out for an entire year. As the Colts already boast the receiver lineup of Wayne, Hilton and Nicks, there likely won't be a position left for Brazill upon his return.

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