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Jul 14, 2014

Eagles Rumors: LeSean McCoy says Foles has taken jump to 'being a star'

By on 6:24 PM

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles' success in his partial 2013 season has gone under the microscope of several professionals. The second-year backup, who had taken over for the injured Michael Vick, completed an astounding 27 touchdowns on only 2 interceptions and rushed for another 3. Many analysts believe his stats to be a stint of beginner's luck. According to NFL's Around the League, Foles' teammates think otherwise.

Philadelphia's prized running back, LeSean McCoy, has never been one to hide his opinion from the news. He was quoted earlier this year saying his two-year-old was a better football player than Tim Tebow, and later stating his opinion on the Eagles' DeSean Jackson trade. The back has just recently made his opinion clear about the team's new talent: quarterback Nick Foles.

McCoy was quoted telling press that he thinks "Nick Foles has really taken a jump to really being a star." Does this mean Foles will improve his 2013 stat line? Likely not. However, McCoy hinted at the fact that the quarterback will not regress much, either. He gave credit to Foles' new found confidence shown in practice. The runner elaborated that:

There's not a throw that he won't take. Last year, he had a great percentage as far as completions, no interceptions, that type of thing. And now he's not thinking that. He's smart with the ball, there's plays that he knows he can make that he takes.

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