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Jul 4, 2014

Bulls Rumors: Joakim Noah believes Carmelo Anthony will re-sign with the New York Knicks

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Before the start of free agency, the Chicago Bulls were the favorites to land Carmelo Anthony. They made an elaborate pitch to Anthony, and both Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose spoke to the All-Star free agent. Unfortunately, the Bulls could not offer a maximum contract, which hurt their prospects to sign Anthony.

Image by Keith Allison, via Wikimedia Commons
Noah has been recruiting Anthony, since the All-Star game. He apparently talked to Anthony about signing with the Bulls, and kept contact with the Knicks All-Star in the second half of the season. Noah felt confident that the Bulls offered everything Anthony was looking for. However, after the meeting two days ago, Noah believes the Bulls are no longer contenders for Anthony's services.

Chicago Tribune reports:
"Joakim Noah, intimately involved in the Bulls' pitch to Anthony, has told several people he believes Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks."
Knicks' brass has already met with Anthony, during his time in Los Angeles. The Knicks are prepared to offer Anthony the maximum contract. Moreover, Yahoo Sports reported Anthony planned to reach out to Pau Gasol to discuss him joining the Knicks. It appears Anthony is leaning towards New York with every passing day.

The Bulls are already preparing for life after Anthony. They are reportedly working on adding European star Nikola Mirotic. Also, the Bulls are working on cutting ties with Boozer and making a run at Gasol.

Anthony is expected to make a decision this weekend. Both the Lakers and the Knicks are offering max contracts, and based on dollars and cents, the Bulls could be out as a potential destination for the All-Star forward.

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