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Jul 30, 2014

49ers Rumors: Jim Harbaugh denies contract demands

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In a fashion similar to the Eagles' Chip Kelly, San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, came in to the NFL with force and success. The 'Niners, who had been unarguably terrible for a decade, snagged Harbaugh in 2011 and saw instant gratification. As such, it has been heavily rumored that the coach has been demanding a major payday. Whether a large contract is deserved or not (it is), Harbaugh has told Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report that he has never made major contract demands to his organization.

From 2003 until 2010, the San Francisco 49ers won a total of 46 games to a whopping 82 losses. In 2011, Harbaugh's very first season as head coach, San Francisco went 13-3. Such a drastic and instant turn-around of a team is virtually unfathomable. Take, for example, the Cleveland Browns who have burned through 141 coaching staff members in only 20 years without success; turning an entire franchise around usually takes more than a single off-season. However, coach Jim Harbaugh has pushed his new team to two NFC West Championship Matches and one Super Bowl (which was lost to the Baltimore Ravens and their coach, Jim's brother, John Harbaugh).

With an impressive college track-record and such instantaneous NFL success, it wouldn't be surprising if Jim Harbaugh made major contract demands of his organization. However, he stood very firm with the Bleacher Report on his position:

I am paid extremely well—which I am most grateful for, and I am very proud to be part of this organization. For the record, I have never asked to be the highest-paid coach in football. I have never asked to be paid like a Super Bowl-winning coach. I have never asked for more power. Nor has anybody asked for those things on my behalf, which anybody in this organization can attest to.

Instead, Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report sufficed it to note that Harbaugh simply loves the game of football. Despite his success, his modesty seems to be keeping him in a favorable position within the 49ers' organization. Now, the 'Niners just have to worry about their contract issues with tight end Vernon Davis and right guard Alex Boone.

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