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Jun 12, 2014

Seahawks Rumors: Seattle doesn't expect Marshawn Lynch at minicamp

By on 12:31 PM

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks obliterated teams last year all the way to the "big dance," and on offense, the majority of that credit can be given to running back Marshawn Lynch.

Lynch carried a big part of the offense last year, accounting for 337 total touches. He scored 14 TDs on the year [excluding playoffs] and 1,573 yards from scrimmage. Granted the fact that Seattle played a ground-and-pound based offense, Lynch was probably the biggest piece to their offensive success last season.

However, since the dominant victory over the Broncos in the Super Bowl, Lynch hasn't been participating in any of the team's organized activities with one being the visit to the White House in May. Now that minicamp is starting in a week, the question is raised on whether or not Lynch will make it to camp, and close sources to the team reportedly don't expect Lynch to attend. 

His absence thus far has already caused harm to him, and after the team's statement that they'll be running a RB committee in 2014 [article here], Lynch's situation isn't looking pretty. 

The suspected reason for his disappearance from the team is his current contract terms. Lynch is supposed to make $5 million this coming season, and then has only one season left. Although that money's fourth-best in the league for his position, it's less half of Adrian Peterson's for next year; and I think it's safe to say that Peterson isn't two times better than Lynch. 

If Lynch continues to hold out, the team will have to do something to get him back, and if that includes giving him a bigger contract, expect it to happen. But until then, all we can do is sit back and watch.


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