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Jun 19, 2014

Jaguars News: Jacksonville releases Jason Babin

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The Jacksonville Jaguars made a surprising move when they released veteran defensive end/pass rush specialist Jason Babin. The former free agent was on the Jaguars roster coming into the 2014 season but elected to void the last two years, per his contract option, to explore free agency.

After a few weeks and a not very favorable market, Babin re-signed with the Jaguars for two years at a more affordable rate. 
Cleveland Browns v Jacksonville Jaguars 12-1-2013
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It was looked upon as a perfect scenario for the Jaguars because not only was Babin familiar with the defensive scheme, he had also had some success with seven and a half quarterback sacks in 2013.

On Thursday, as reported by Darin Gantt of Pro Football Today, Babin become expendable.
"But with the addition of Chris Clemons and some younger players coming on, the Jaguars probably did him a favor by putting him on the market now instead of after training camp."
The signing of former Seattle Seahawks Chris Clemons and Red Bryant, the emergence of former 2012 second round selection Andre Branch, and the signing of rookies Will Pericak and Chris Smith all conspired to make Babin an over-priced commodity. It probably did not help that Babin is viewed as strictly a situational pass rusher who at times proved to be a liability against the run.

Babin will surely garner attention from some pass rush lacking teams the closer the season comes and this release will afford him the opportunity to sign elsewhere. His presence will be missed as a strong locker room voice and a player with a nasty streak not seen on the defensive side of the ball for the emerging yet youthful Jaguars'  squad.

Obviously general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley is banking on one of the younger players to step up their game. Let's hope they guessed correctly.

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