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Jun 21, 2014

Dolphins Rumors: Knowshon Moreno might need knee surgery

By on 9:12 PM

Some bad news just clouded through Miami's backfield, as newly added running back Knowshon Moreno may require surgery. The back, who's left knee has reportedly been bothering him this spring, will be visiting a doctor next week to see if it'll require surgery.

If indeed the worst comes, Moreno will need arthroscopic surgery; surgery that could cut out his training camp reps and likely more, potentially costing him a big role in Miami's offense.

It was ever so recently that Miami signed Moreno from the free agent market, giving him an opportunity to start in the up-and-coming Miami offense led by Ryan Tannehill. Moreno was the favorite to win the job as lead running back, but has been placed at the backend of the practice rotation in recent team activities due to his sore knee.

Knee surgery could jeopardize his chances of reaching an ideal number of touches this season, something that's critical at this stage of his career.

The 26 year-old running back has some valuable years left of play, but has to prove himself in order to be accommodated with a big role/paycheck. He has potential, as seen in Denver, but never really had an opportunity to shine [which is understandable granted the QB situation]. He signed a one-year $3 million contract, $1.25 mill guaranteed, with the Dolphins earlier this offseason, and could easily be off the team next year if he performs poorly.

It's definitely a tough situation for Moreno; and since he's on the hot-seat, so to say, it'll be interesting to see how he rebounds from his knee problems and performs. Definitely a Fantasy Football player-to-watch. As the situation becomes more clear, more will be told on the matter. Just be sure to tune in here once you hear reports of surgery or no-surgery -- we'll cover the details.

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