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May 4, 2014

Tigers rumors: Stephen Drew may find his next job in Detroit

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The Detroit Tigers have made several moves before and during the early portion of the 2014 season but have yet to address their needs at shortstop. After letting Alex Gonzalez go his own way, Andrew Romine has taken over the starting job and has done enough to keep the organization quiet about adding another middle infielder.

According to Jason Beck of, the Tigers aren't shopping for a new shortstop at the moment. It sounds like they'll hold off with the First-Year Player Draft is coming up in a month. The Tigers would have to concede their first pick if they were to sign a free agent before June 5th but if they don't end up with a solid middle infielder, there's a chance that Stephen Drew could be a viable option for the Tigers.
By Keith Allison: Wikimedia Commons

The possibility that someone will pick up on Drew before the draft date is highly unlikely. He's not the type of player you give up a draft pick for and he may not have a lot more years left. He's a solid fielder with a career fielding percentage of .979, only 80 errors in 3,744 chances, earning him the 12th best percentage of all-time.

Drew could also help the Tigers offensively. Statistically, he's not much of a better option than Romine but he does have more experience and slightly better numbers. Through 8 professional seasons, Drew has collected 926 hits in 3,511 at-bats (.264), and despite his lack of power, has managed to hit 90 home runs while driving in 416 rbi.

The Tigers will likely address their shortstop needs within the next month and we may know more come closer to the draft. To stay up to date be sure to follow Sports Rumor Alert on both Facebook and Twitter.


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