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May 28, 2014

Rams News: St. Louis signs Davin Joseph

By on 9:50 PM

As announced by the team Wednesday, the St. Louis Rams and OG Davin Joseph have struck a deal.

Joseph, former TB Buccaneers guard, has played in seven seasons with the aforementioned team. Notable stats would include his two pro bowl selections (2008, 2011) and his astounding 97 starts in 98 games. 

Joseph signed a mega-deal in 2011 to continue his career with the Bucs (seven years, $53 million with $19 mill guaranteed, to be exact), and then got selected into the pro bowl that season, as previously mentioned. Joseph then suffered a season-ending knee injury in the 2012 preseason match vs the Patriots. 

Joseph went on to play a full season in 2013, showing some signs of durability. However, the team cut Joseph on March 8, 2014, protruding him into the free agent market. 

Reasons for his release can be given and taken, but the answer lies in a few places. For one, he cost money. Joseph was set to make $6 million in 2014 -- but the nice thing about it was that Joseph already used up his $19 mill that was guaranteed to him, making him an easy cut. So basically it was easier to cut him than keep him, money-wise at least.

The second factor in his release was the durability side of things. He suffered a costly injury in 2012, and granted that he's already 30, it's fair to question his durability. Although offensive linemen usually last longer than other positions do age-wise, injuries could take years off players' careers. Other than those two things (money and durability questions), his underwhelming performance played a role in it as well. He didn't play terrible in 2013, but considering his expectations and most importantly his money, Joseph didn't live up to it. 

Anyways, all reasons behind, Joseph got cut, therefore entering him into free agency. However, he surprisingly remained unsigned, all the way through the NFL draft. It wasn't until May 28 that Joseph finally put his pen to paper and signed a contract, with the St. Louis Rams. 

St. Louis surprisingly made another attempt at bettering their o-line, and this one comes in at guard. After having one of the worst lines a couple seasons ago, the Rams have significantly changed at the position. Last offseason, 2013, the Rams signed former 1st overall pick Jake Long, who came in as a LT. They also signed offensive tackle Joe Barksdale in 2012, who has shown some promise to be a good middle-class lineman in the NFL. In the 2014 NFL draft, St. Louis drafted OT Greg Robinson at #2 overall. And of course, now they got Davin Joseph.

The previous lineup at o-line held Long playing LT and Barksdale playing RT, with a poor interior. With the new additions, St. Louis is looking a lot better now.

Robinson will come in competing and likely taking over at LT. That'll then push Long to RT, and Barksdale, who has the ideal OG size, to one of the guard spots. Davin Joseph will then take the other OG position, and the Rams are looking pretty good at offensive line.

The question, again, is whether or not Joseph can stay healthy at his current physical state and age. If so, then this signing will prove to be one of the many good ones that could lead this Rams team to a playoff appearance in the near future. 


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