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May 26, 2014

Michael Vick thinks he can help Jets win Super Bowl

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Entering his 12th season in the NFL, Michael Vick is playing for his third team in as many years. Vick has only started all 16 games once in his career and is will be 34 years old by the time week one gets here. None of those previously mentioned factors have deterred the former Virginia Tech Hokie from believing he can not only contribute in the NFL but also lead the New York Jets to the Super Bowl.

Vick has not only been the most electrifying quarterback to ever play in the NFL but outright one of the most exciting players to ever lace up cleats in NFL history. Vick has four pro bowl appearances to his name, 128 touchdown passes, 36 rushing touchdowns but zero super bowl appearances.

Al Messerschmidt
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“I just feel like I can help any football team, any organization, particularly this football team, get to a Super Bowl,” Vick told the Daily News on Thursday. “It’s tough at this stage of my career because I still feel like I’m a fairly young player and I can still keep up. People make it seem like I’m getting older and things are not the same. I beg to differ.” said Vick

The Jets have significantly upgraded their skilled positions compared to last year. If Chris Johnson can become relevant again, that allows the Jets to turn some of those four-yard runs into 84-yard runs. The Jets signed Eric Decker also this off season and Decker is out to prove that he was not just a product of Peyton Manning.

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If the Jets get off to a slow start, look for head coach Rex Ryan to be on the hot seat. Geno Smith if named the starter will be key to what kind of start the Jets get off to. If Smith struggles, look for Ryan to go with Vick to potentially save his job. 


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