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May 3, 2014

Lakers News: Ryan Kelly hopes to re-sign with LA

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Ryan Kelly was the Los Angeles Lakers second round pick in the 2013 NBA draft. Not much was expected of the rookie and no one was sure he would make the active roster or spend the year in the D-League working on his game. Kelly turned out to be the surprise player of the year for the Lakers, and vastly improved from the beginning of the season. Although his one year rookie contract is up, he has made it clear he would like to continue playing in Los Angeles.

Ryan Kelly at Duke
By Bryan Horowitz (Flickr: Ryan Kelly) via Wikimedia Commons 

Mike D'Antoni, who recently resigned as Lakers head coach, played Ryan Kelly as his stretch four in his uptempo offense. Mark Medina of Inside the Lakers reported that Kelly believes he can play in multiple offensive systems. Kelly was quoted saying,
I think I can play in multiple styles of offenses,” Kelly told this newspaper. “Obviously Coach D’Antoni’s is more spread out and that’s what I’m going to be, more of a stretch four. But I showed the ability to handle the ball and put the ball on the floor. Teams will always need somebody who can shoot. For guys my size, I can fit into any system.”
Ryan averaged 8.0 points and 3.7 rebounds in 59 games for the Lakers. Regardless of who's coaching the team next season, keeping him on board would be highly feasible for the Lakers considering his contract this year was $490,180. The Lakers could re-sign him for somewhere in that price range and retain a young, valuable asset.


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