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May 19, 2014

Browns Alert: The Browns release WR Greg Little

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The Cleveland Browns announced on their official Twitter page the release of WR Greg Little. At six foot two and 220 pounds, Little must have looked like an answer to the Browns wide receiver situation that had been unsure since the release of Braylon Edwards in 2009.
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The Browns selected Little in the second round, number 59 overall, in 2011 and Little became an immediate starter. That rookie year, Little led the Browns in receptions and yards, though he only managed two touchdowns. The two years that followed saw his catch total drop each year even though his main competitor for targets, Josh Gordon, missed time both years per injury and suspensions. The nail in his coffin was his performance last year. He caught only 41 passes though he didn't miss a game. He went for just 465 yards and two touchdowns, which is well below even a number two receiver. Most damning was the fact that he caught only a ridiculous 41% of his targets, one of the lower percentages in all football.

I'm sure to some Browns fans, this tweet  not only lacked surprise, but was met with much celebrating.
                           The Cleveland Browns have released WR Greg Little used Football Outsider's defense-adjusted yards-above-replacement (DYAR) stat to prove just how poor of a WR Greg Little was.
As you can see, Josh Gordon had an exceptional year (in 2013); his +389 DYAR, accumulated in just 14 games, was third-highest in the NFL for WRs. His performance was largely canceled out by the double-threat awfulness of Davone Bess (-132) and Greg Little (-171). Those two marks were easily the worst in the league.
Bess was released in March, so the Browns appear to be cutting their losses and will try to rebuild their WR corp, which will be difficult with Josh Gordon's impending suspension for the entire year.

According to NFL.Com, Little was claimed off waivers by the Oakland Raiders. I'm sure all Browns fans agree when I tell the Raiders..."GOOD LUCK!!!"


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