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Apr 6, 2014

Sabres Rumor: Mikhail Grigorenko will have to prove himself in the AHL

By on 5:16 AM

Following the end of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League season, the Buffalo Sabres have assigned Mikhail Grigorenko to the American Hockey League. They want to give him an opportunity to prove that the extra time at the junior level has prepared him for the National Hockey League.

For Grigorenko, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, or at least he had better think of it that way. The Sabres are going to be looking carefully at every player in their system, to determine who will be part of the organization moving forward, and who will be considered expendable.

The Sabres drafted Grigorenko 12th overall in the 2012 draft, and while he did get a couple of cups of coffee with the big club, he struggled to score. That is what the Sabres want and need from him, given his skill set.

Returning Grigorenko to the Quebec Ramparts, was clearly the best decision the Sabres could have made, allowing Grigorenko to continue to develop at a level at which he could thrive. Thus having the young man in a stronger position from a confidence point of view, as his professional career moves forward.

By sending Grigorenko to the American Hockey League, as opposed to bringing him up to the big club, allows for Grigorenko to play his game while not leaving the chance of being overwhelmed by the NHL again. General manager Tim Murray will be keeping a close eye on how Grigoenko responds to this chance. The Sabres future depends on it, as their draftees over the last couple of years will be the future of the club, and the Sabres embark on a drastic rebuilding program.


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