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Apr 29, 2014

Buffalo Bills Rumors: Is Buffalo really considering jumping up in the first round?

By on 8:53 PM

Rumors have been floating around over the last few weeks about Doug Whaley and the Buffalo Bills moving up in the draft. This draft holds plenty of potential franchise changing players and Buffalo seems to be aggressively pursuing one of them.

The Bills have needs like any other team but no glaring needs. Some may find that hard to believe for a franchise that has not played in a playoff game since 1999. The Bills have a young but talented roster and are looking to end that playoff drought sooner rather than later.

A big playmaking receiver would be nice, or a vertical tight end would help. EJ Manuel could use an offensive tackle to protect him, or the Defensive could always use another force up front? Again, none of these aforementioned positions has a gaping hole but could use an upgrade.

"I've heard from three league sources in the past week that the Bills are trying to trade up," "If they do make a move, it'll likely be to land [Jadeveon] Clowney, [Greg] Robinson or [Sammy] Watkins." says ESPN draft expert Todd McShay.

Offensive tackle seems like the logical move but if that is the case then there wouldn’t be a need to trade up for Auburn’s Greg Robinson with 2-3 other tackles on the radar as well. Bills GM Doug Whaley was asked about Buffalo's interest in trading up and he responded by saying:

“Not a problem as long as it’s not detrimental to our team down the road. It’s going to be a calculated risk, but if we think this guy is going to get us over the hump and get us into the playoffs, which is our stated goal, then why not make the deal?”

There is a lot of excitement in Buffalo right now as long as EJ Manuel can stay healthy and the young talent can develop. Optimism is alive in western New York and so is football in Buffalo.


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