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Mar 19, 2014

Wild Rumor: Matt Moulson is a restricted free agent this summer

By on 8:36 AM

Matt Moulson has been traded twice this season, and if anyone had asked him about that possibility, early in the season, he would have thought that it was as far fetched an idea, as he had ever heard.

The highest probability for Moulson moving forward is resigning with  the Wild, given that being traded twice during the current season, and with a new baby at home, stability will be the primary factor in his thinking, as he enters the off-season.

The Wild acquired Moulson from the Buffalo Sabres at the trade deadline, to bolster their line-up for the playoff run, and is the type of player that teams in the league covet, as he provides solid second line scoring, and that is one of the most sought after targets of every general manager in the league.

Before being traded by the Islanders, to the Buffalo early in this season, Moulson had thought, somewhat naively, that he would spend his entire career as an Islander. He was shocked to find out that he was not in their future plans, and if that thought by the Islanders was based on anything other than financial considerations, then the water is way over the heads of the brain trust of the Islanders.

Moulson will attract a lot of attention during the off-season, even though as a restricted free agent, the cost to any club that would present an offer sheet, is somewhat prohibited. The cost in terms of loss of draft picks, when signing RFAs, has proven to be the primary reason that the practice is so rare.


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