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Mar 30, 2014

Redskins Rumors: Washington now considered the favorite to land DeSean Jackson

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As the reports come in, the more likely it appears that DeSean Jackson will become a member of the Washington Redskins. They are bringing him in for a visit on Monday and will make a serious attempt at signing him, according to Rich Tandler of CSN Washington.

On SportsCenter earlier this morning, John Clayton reported that the Redskins are now considered the favorite to land Jackson.

Adding Jackson to an offense that already includes Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris, and Robert Griffin III would give the Redskins a lot to work with. Offensive minded head coach Jay Gruden would be licking his chops with the chance to work with those four offensive weapons.

Owner Dan Snyder is willing to spend a lot of money and that would appeal to Jackson. Heck, who wouldn't that appeal to?

What likely would appeal most to Jackson, however, is the chance to play his former team twice a season. The Eagles don't have the defensive backfield needed to stop him. It wouldn't end well for the Birds.

For the Eagles, this couldn't be going worse. Having an elite weapon like Jackson go to another divisional team would be the worst case scenario and it looks like it has a legitimate shot at happening.

One thing is clear in all of this: Head coach Chip Kelly better be right about this one, or he could be feeling the consequences of it twice per year.

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