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Mar 27, 2014

Raiders rumors: Raiders made biggest offer to Jared Allen.

By on 9:17 AM

When some NFL players become free agents all they want to do is chase the money and get the biggest paycheck possible, well not Jared Allen as it would appear.

Allen, who just signed a $32 Million deal with the Bears was offered $9 Million per year to play for the Oakland Raiders which is at least $1 Million more a year than he will earn in Chicago.

It seems that Allen would rather try and win a championship rather than get paid on a team that has little chance of even making the playoffs.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday on "NFL Total Access" that the Oakland Raiders represented the highest earning opportunity for Allen, offering a contract that would pay $9 million per year.

The four-year, $32 million deal (including $15.5 million guaranteed) that Allen decided to take with Chicago was better than the deal offered by theSeattle Seahawks, whom Allen visited twice last week. The New York Jets also were in contact with Allen, according to Rapoport, though they never made a firm offer. 

According to Rapoport, faith in Jay Cutler, the ability to stay in the NFC North and the Bears' success in free agency were among the reasons why Allen chose Chicago. Well two out of three ain't bad because faith in Jay Cutler is not a term that you hear that often.


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