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Mar 3, 2014

Panthers rumors: Steve Smith will not retire if cut by the Panthers.

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The Carolina Panthers are unable to guarantee the return of wide receiver Steve Smith but one thing we do know is that at the age of 34 Smith will not retire if he is let go by the only team that he has ever played for.

Including bonuses Smith is due to earn $7 Million in 2014,the Panthers already have salary cap issues and also just franchised  defensive end Greg Hardy to the tune of $12 Million and that is really the only reason for the possibility of Smith departing.

Smith however will not be retiring if the Panthers decide to move on without him, when asked:
Are you ready to go now? "Today?" Smith asks. "No, I'm not ready to not play today."

Panthers general manager Dave Gettleman took plenty of observers by surprise when he was less than assertive about the 13-year veteran's status with the team in 2014. According to Will Brinson of, Gettleman said that he would "evaluate" the situation:

We're going through the whole process. Steve's had a great career. He really has. None of us are here forever. But that's not to say—he's part of the evaluation process. That's just the way it is.

Perhaps the only thing that could keep Smith in Carolina is a restructured contract but whether Smith wants to take a pay cut after spending 13 years with the same team is certainly up for debate but seeing Steve Smith in another uniform would certainly take some getting used to.

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