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Mar 28, 2014

NBA Rumors: Jerryd Bayless hopes to remain with the Boston Celtics

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Jerryd Bayless who landed in Boston this season in exchange for Courtney Lee hopes he can be a part of the rebuilding process.

Jerryd Bayless (Left)

Recently Gary Dzen of interviewed the Celtics PG/SG where he shared his thoughts and even commented on two of the biggest names in college hoops this season: Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker. No, it is highly unlikely these two end up playing for the Celtics in case that's what you're thinking. Especially with Rajon Rondo running the offense, Parker needs big minutes to prove what he is worth in the NBA. 
I think they can learn just as well in the NBA. I’m pretty sure they’ll end of leaving and pursuing their NBA careers. They’re going to be successful. They’re going to be great players.
Bayless would like to stay with the Celtics past this season as he is looking for some stability in his career since he has bounced around quite a bit. Some believe the big winners in the trade were the Memphis Grizzlies but both players have similar numbers this season, Lee just averages more points per game but they are not that far apart. If you are interested in seeing their numbers just click on their names.

If you are interested in the whole interview then just go ahead and click HERE

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