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Mar 9, 2014

Hurricaines Rumors: Muller likely to lose job, may not be the only one

By on 4:51 PM

The Hurricaines have been stuck in a revolving door of mediocrity for the last few seasons, and with a roster that is laden with mid level players, and arguably one star, the prospects of a short term turnaround are slim at best.

The odds are that there will be changes made as soon as this season comes to an end. It is almost certain that head coach Kirk Muller will be relieved of his duties, but will the purge go up into the executive suite as well? General manager Jim Rutherford, who has been at the helm of this club for almost two decades, could find himself on the outside a well.

The one Stanley Cup victory, has afforded Rutherford the status of being a top general manager, but other than that one year, the results are telling a different story. The current roster is top heavy from a salary point of view, but the results have not corresponded and with attendance dropping, there will have to be some drastic alterations to the organization, if there is to be any turnaround at the box office, and in real terms, those are more important than the results on the ice, especially in a non traditional hockey market.

When player development, is not the strong suit of an organization, trades and free agents are the only way to turn over a roster, and the Hurricaines have not done a good job of developing players. The lack of talent in the system, have left the Caines with few to no options to try and turn the corner. A complete blow up of this club if needed and the fact that there was not a fire sale at the trade deadline, means that the plan moving forward, at least in Rutherford's eyes, is the status quo, and that could well cost him his job as well.


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