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Mar 23, 2014

Heat's choice to trade Roger Mason Jr. hasn't worked

By on 9:17 AM

In February, The Miami Heat traded Roger Mason Jr. to the Sacramento Kings for a highly protected second round draft pick. Since the Heat rarely use their draft picks, the move was seen as a way to clear up roster space.

The Heat used the space to sign 23 year old center Justin Hamilton. He will not play much in the Heat's push for another championship, and the team will look to develop him for the future. However, the Heat are all about "the now," and Hamilton will not help the Heat against Roy Hibbert and the Indiana Pacers.

Perhaps, they could have made a bigger push for Glen Davis or target another veteran to take Mason's spot. Even Mason would have been a better veteran to keep because of his playoff experience and ability to stretch the floor.

In the weak Eastern Conference, it is inevitable that the Pacers and the Heat will collide. The Pacers have a bruising front court, featuring Hibbert, David West, Luis Scola and Ian Mahinmi. The Heat have Chris Andersen and Greg Oden. Andersen is 35 years old, and Oden has the knees of a 40 year old so it remains to be seen if they can be physical enough and stay healthy.

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