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Mar 9, 2014

Flames Rumor: Stajan on indefinate leave from club

By on 5:54 PM

Matt Stajan took what was supposed to be a short leave from the Flames last weekend, for what was supposed to be the most joyous of occasions, the birth of a child. That event became the worst nightmare for any couple, when the child died after being born.

Stajan, who is one of the Flames most consistent centres will not be in the Flames lineup for the near future, and quite likely will miss the remainder of the season. Hockey will be the last thing on his radar for the next few months, as Matt and his wife mourn the loss of their newborn son, whom they had named Emmerson. It is expected that the family will hold a private memorial service for Emmerson in the next few days, but it is not known, at this point, if Sajan's teammates will attend.

The hockey community is a very tight knit group, and the only way that the entire Flames organization will not be standing with their teammate on that occasion is if the family requests that the service be fully private, which under the circumstances, could well be the case.

Flames general manager Brian Burke will be willing to give Stajan all the time he requires to mourn and heal, since Burke has also dealt with the loss of one of his children, although as an adult, a very different circumstance that the one Matt Stajan and his wife are dealing with,

All hockey fans, everywhere extend their thoughts and prayers to Matt Stajan and his wife at this most difficult time.


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