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Mar 29, 2014

Canadiens Rumor: P.K. Subban looking for a huge raise

By on 4:15 AM

The Montreal Canadiens organization was universally praised, when coming out of the lockout, they opted to force P.K. Subban into a two year bridge contract, but now that that deal is about to expire, resigning the star defenseman will be an expensive exercise.

P.K. and his representatives at Newport Sports will be asking the Canadiens for an eight year deal, with a value in excess of $65mil. The Canadiens will be hard pressed to make a deal with Subban at those kind of numbers, when at the same time, they also need to work out a new deal with Andrei Markov. Having both of your top defense pair, with expiring contracts at the same time can be a major headache for a general manager.

Subban can make a pretty strong argument in favor of his contract request. During the current bridge deal, Subban has captured a Norris Trophy, as the leagues top defenseman, an Olympic gold medal, and through this season, he leads the Canadiens in scoring. When was the last time the top offensive player on the Canadiens was a defenseman? Has it ever happened?

The Canadiens for their part, will likely be looking at a deal that is similar to the one that Drew Doughty signed with the Kings, but it is not likely that a deal like that will get Subban's signature on a new contract.

The Canadiens may well have the best top defense pair in the league, at least from a offensive standpoint, but whether they can keep both of them, will remain to be seen.


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