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Mar 5, 2014

Blues Rumors: Questions remain in goal after Miller deal

By on 6:35 AM

The St.Louis blues solidified their goaltending situation moving into this years Stanley Cup Playoffs, but beyond that, there are questions that will have to be addressed moving forward.

The acquisition of Ryan Miller from Buffalo, clearly makes him the number one guy on the depth chart, through the end of this season, but Miller is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this year as is Brian Elliot, who is currently the Blues number two target. Jake Allen, who is currently playing in the American Hockey League will have his contract convert to a one way deal after this season, meaning that he will be on the Blues NHL roster next season, no matter what. Allen is fully ready to play at the National Hockey League level.

The Blues will have to resign either Miller or Elliot to maintain the level of goaltending that they have become used to over the last few seasons. The fact that the salary cap will be going up considerably, will give general manager Doug Armstrong options with what to do about his goaltending situation. Ryan Miller has told the media in St.Louis that he is open to resigning with the Blues, and he is sincere about that, when you consider that Miller would prefer to be on the west coast, due to the fact that his wife, who is an aspiring actor, is living in Los Angeles. But Miller is fully aware that the three California clubs are well set in net and have no need or desire to add a goaltender with the ticket that Miller will garner.

The Blues will be a contender for the next few years, and as such, become a very attractive landing spot for Miller, who after his eleven seasons in Buffalo, would relish the opportunity to play for a contending club, who has a legitimate chance to compete for the cup. It is highly likely that Ryan Miller will be wearing a St.Louis Blues jersey for the next few years.


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