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Feb 27, 2014

Oilers Rumors: Clearance sale on veterans

By on 2:50 AM

To say the Oilers have been disappointing this season, given where they have picked in the entry draft for the last decade, would be understating things. As the trade deadline approaches, the plan is obvious, sell, sell, sell.

The Oilers have a group if veteran players, the majority of whom are pending unrestricted free agents. The more prominent of the group are Ryan Smith, Ryan Jones, Ales Hemsky, and Nick Schultz. While none of that group would qualify as the elite of the players who are available at the deadline, they will garner interest from a significant number of teams.

Talented role players are exactly the type of guys that teams in the thick of it look for with a month left in the regular season, because upgrades to the bottom six forwards and third defense pairs can be the difference between punching a ticket to the dance, or receiving a lottery ticket.

The price tag for the players the Oilers will be looking to move will be considerably lower than that being asked for the elite type of player. General manager Craig MacTavish is realistic, when it comes to what he seeks in return for the players he expects will be in play. With no picks in the second or third rounds of the draft this year, the return the Oilers are looking for is obvious. Draft picks.

The Oilers have been rebuilding for the best part of a decade, with little to no progress, and it appears that nothing has changed with their plan, moving forward.  


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