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Feb 28, 2014

Canucks Rumor: Kesler denies requesting a trade

By on 8:44 AM

Ryan Kesler and his agent spent a great deal of time over the last twenty-four hours, refuting media reports that he had asked to be traded out of Vancouver.

Kesler was adamant that he has not asked to be dealt, while addressing a media scrum after practice on Wednesday, an his agent was working the electronic media, telling anyone who would listen that the story was completely false. Was this an exercise in walking something back, or did the original story not have any merit?

The fact that Canucks general manager Mike Gillis never refuted the original story, wold lead one to believe that there may well have been a conversation between  the two about moving on, but the unlikelihood  of anything being worked out at the trade deadline, due to the nature of Kesler's contract, Kesler never actually requested a trade, but did discuss the possibility of that.

Kesler has now placed this whole thing in his rear view mirror, telling the Vancouver media that he will not address this again, nor does he want his teammates asked about it, because he does not want it to become a distraction. This all looks like a guy who has opted to play down a public relations problem by becoming someone who doth protest too much. If Kesler thinks that this mess is going to go away, just because he wants it to, he is sadly mistaken.


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